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[AYCMalaysia 2019] Attractions in Malacca with Walking Distance

1. A Famosa Fort

Built in 1511, A’Famosa used to sprawl across a whole hillside but now only a lone gate (Porta de Santiago) remains. Originally constructed by Alfonso de Albuquerque (who led the Portuguese invasion on the Malacca Sultanate), the remains of the fort is now a preserved whitewashed gatehouse and is located downhill from St. Paul’s Church.

2. Christ Church

Christ Church was built by the Dutch when they took possession of Malacca from the Portuguese and today, it stands as one of Malacca’s most defining structures. Situated along Jalan Gereja (also known as Church Street), it is an instantly recognisable brick-red building with a huge white cross at the top. The interior of the cathedral has 200 year-old handmade pews, decorative fanlights and plaques that honour Dutch soldiers and locals.

3. Taming Sari Tower

Melaka Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower) officially opened for business on the 18th of April 2008, Menara Taming Sari is the first and only gyro tower in Malaysia so far. Measuring 110 metres in height, its revolving structure offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Malacca town and beyond.

4. Jonker Walk Night Market

It is a commonly acknowledged fact that Malacca's Jonker Walk Night Market is the best in the country. Well organised with a wide array of stalls, polite and friendly hawkers, ubiquitous bargains as well as live music coursing throughout the area, Jonker Walk comes to life in full colour with a lively street party-like atmosphere.  As the night market takes place every Friday and Saturday night, the handful of bars along this avenue does a roaring business with tables and chairs spilling out onto the five-foot walkways. Visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to delicious food; from piping hot grilled meat on skewers to Chinese delicacies like bak chang (sticky rice stuffed with meat and wrapped in bamboo leaves), dim sum, and popiah (fresh spring roll), visitors can easily browse through the many stalls and live performances in Jonker Walk Night Market.

5. Masjid Kampung Hulu

The oldest functioning mosque in Malaysia, Masjid Kampung Hulu was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company in 1728. As part of their colonisation tactics, the Dutch helped the locals rebuild their places of worship after the Portuguese had destroyed all non-Christian establishments during their occupation. As a result, the mosque is made up of predominantly Javanese architecture with three ascending layers of flared pyramidal roofs. Masjid Kampung Hulu also incorporates Chinese elements such as the pagoda-like stone minarets and ceramic roof tiles. The mosque can only be entered by Muslim practitioners, therefore non-Muslim guests can opt to roam around the mosque and admire the magnificent architecture from outside, which makes for beautiful landscape photographs.

6. Sweet Souvenirs Creative

Jalan Merdeka E122A, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, Melaka 75000 Malaysia
0.2 km from The Neem@Banda Hilir

7. Tricycle @ Beca Ride

8. Dataran Pahlawan Heritage Gallery

Located at Ground Level of Dataran Pahlawan Mall, you may use
A Famosa Fort entrance to enter this area Looking for keychain, fridge magnet,
local packed food, souvenirs and else, here you are!!!

9. Mahkota Parade

The place to chill yourself after hours of journey. You may find regular mall's item
including exceptional Tamiya House, McDonald and other boutique. However, you have to
cross the road as the Mahkota Parade located in front of Dataran Pahlawan.

10. Malacca Local Food ( Dodol )

Try to stimulate your taste buds with this Malacca local cuisine called Dodol.
Freshly cook by local Malay using coconut, sugar and flour. It requires about 6 hours
to make it ready for you. Good Luck!

11. Malacca Local Dish (Asam Pedas)

Take the challenge to try the most popular dish in Malacca, The Asam Pedas.
But please ask them first, is it hot enough to squeeze your sweat. Otherwise
your perspiration will deserve it.

12. Original Malacca Sugar

You may try this local product directly or buying some local cuisines to taste the
originality. The best is ordering Three Layer Tea drink which use Malacca Sweet.
Chill out!

13. Night Market in front of Dataran Pahlawan

14. Pahlawan Walk beside Mahkota Parade

15. Malacca Maritime & Naval Museum

What you can see in Maritime Museum & Naval Museum Malacca:
  • The Maritime Museum is a great place for people, who love history, sea and all, that connecting with it.
  • For ship fans, there are a big collection of different ship models that are on display at the museum.
  • Others can find exhibits of porcelain, silk, textile and spices used by the seamen of the past. And you can just enjoy the atmosphere of sea travels, ancient ship and old times.
The best way to get to the Maritime Museum is by car or hiring a cab. Also, it’s located just ahead of the Stadthuys, so it’s better to go by foot there and enjoy all local shops, museums, galleries, churches.

16. Malacca River Cruise

17. Malacca Duck Tour

18. Dutch Square

Feel the time travel back to colonial era at Dutch Square – where you can find the Melaka’s surviving parts after the war. According to the experts, Dutch Square is believed to be the oldest Dutch building ever existed in the East.
Distinguished by red classic buildings, this historical place serves as the prominent landmark in Malacca. With an elegant fountain dotted in the centre and surrounded by colourful trishaws, you will find endless tourists here every day, trying their very best to capture the best angle of Dutch Square.
Malacca Dutch Square

A visit to Dutch Square is rewarded with great historical knowledge. There are renovated galleries, museums and churches around. Do check out the Stadthuys in Dutch Square which used to be the Dutch governors’ official residence. Currently, it houses numerous museums displaying the history of Malacca in the most interesting way.

19. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

This wonderful living museum was established in 1896 and once was the family home for the Baba Chan family.
This heritage building is a unique blend of cultures, east and west countries and illustrates the lifestyle of the Peranakan at the end of the 19th century.
The original design is influenced both by the European architecture and Eastern traditions and history.
Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

This museum shows a rich side of Malacca and exactly there you can feel and touch the past. Moreover, the museum has very good guides and interesting program. As a lot of tourists say:
Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is one of the main attractions in Malacca that tourist should not miss.” Cameras inside the museum are prohibited.

20. Klebang Coconut Shake & Keria Malacca Sugar

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